How Cloud PBX Phone System Is Revolutionising the Way You Do Business in Ireland

Cloud PBX is essentially an online business phone system that can be used by any office, any workplace and any business.

VoIP for Business: Why Your Company Should Be Using Virtual Numbers

VoIP phone offers a plethora of key business benefits over traditional phone networks, including those deriving from having a virtual phone number for your business telephone.

9 Ways to Improve Customer Service Over the Phone

Is your phone service driving customers to make purchase decisions or hang up?

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40 Years in Business Phone Systems: A Brief History

Businesses around the world have been benefiting from telephone systems since the telephone was first invented in the XIX century. Our company has been one of the first early adopters of telecommunication innovations in Ireland since it was founded in 1978.

Benefits of Hosted PBX Phone System for a Small Business

Improving services and communication functions in the workplace has become simpler and more accessible through the development of modern phone system technologies. Hosted PBX system for a small business is an example of these enhancements, as it has quickly become a universal enterprise solution that provides functionality, cost efficiency and a seamless flow of communication.

VOIP Trends & Telephone Systems for Small Business

VOIP is one of the principal solutions being considered by business owners — particularly in the small to medium enterprise sector — as they consider joining the significant global migration from landline and other legacy communications technology.