VoIP, Hybrid Working & The Pandemic – How Has It Helped?

VoIP, Hybrid Working & The Pandemic – How Has It Helped?

Voip and hybrid working

VoIP systems have been around for years, but their prevalence and prominence has exploded in the past 2 years since the onset of the pandemic.

Why? Well mainly as businesses moved to either a hybrid/fully remote model, the need for clear, accessible and easily maintained lines of communication increased.

“The pandemic created the need for my business to invest in a VoIP system. COVID-19 lockdowns caused an influx in the number of client calls we receive per day. This resulted in my business flourishing, but it also introduced the need for a better and more cost-effective system to handle the calls. My company also had to adopt a remote workforce, necessitating a more efficient calling system for easier collaboration” noted John Tian, Co-Founder of Mobitrix.com and his sentiments are shared by Alex Haley, Marketing Manager of YardsNearMe; “I have been using VoIP for a long time to coordinate employees’ actions in my company. However, the Covid-19 pandemic encouraged me to use VoIP more than ever. I used it to interact with clients, contractors, partners, performers, remote employees, freelancers, and many other people on whom the success of my enterprise relies.”

“The pandemic has definitely been a factor in increasing interest in VoIP systems. Many businesses have had to suddenly adjust to a remote workforce, and VoIP has been a key technology in making that possible.

In addition, the economic downturn has led many businesses to look for ways to cut costs, and VoIP is one of the most effective ways to do that.” – Harriet Chan, Marketing Director, CocoFinder

Employees needed technology to stay connected to and collaborate with their coworkers when most of the working world was directed to work from home to help stem the swelling tide of COVID infections. Businesses like ours swiftly adopted VoIP as a solution to satisfy our demands in these unpredictable times. Employees might work from home and use their domestic Internet connections to call colleagues, participate in video conferences, and stay available for communication because VoIP calls are made via the Internet.

Cloud-based technology’s worth and scalability have been demonstrated by business owners who have used it to help their employees and keep their enterprises running. VoIP will progressively become the communication platform for enterprises, with a significant majority of them aiming to boost their investment in virtual collaboration technologies.” Steven Athwal, Managing Director/Founder at TBPS.

Remote working, at least on a hybrid basis, is here to stay and as a result, more businesses than ever before are investing in VoIP systems. Many organisations are diversifying their workforces, mainly as the advent of remote working means employers are no longer bound by geographical limitations when it comes to hiring the correct individual for a role.

“As an organization with remote employees in different countries, the VoIP internet call system is essential in the day-to-day running of the business as it is the medium of regular communication between the management and employees.” Maria McDowell, Founder, EasySearchPeople

Regardless of the size of your business, investment in a comprehensive VoIP system represents some massive savings alongside faster & clearer calls themselves. With traditional handsets, voice calls are transmitted through the phone network via copper wires on the Public Switched Telephone Network or PSTN for short. The PTSN uses circuit switching technology in order to connect calls, so when you call a person from a landline the circuits are opened from your line to the other individuals, with this circuit needing to be kept open for the length of the call, this is why long-distance calls are so much more expensive than local calls – the further the call travels, the more circuits must be opened, thus increasing the cost. With workers now spread out more than ever before, the old systems are simply not viable as they once were.

“One of the key advantages of voice over IP is that it is less expensive. Because VoIP phone systems use the internet rather than landlines, the price is lower because the hardware is less expensive. There is no need for a separate system or new hardware components for VoIP phone systems because existing systems are used. One of the most significant advantages of VoIP over traditional telephone is the ability to pay per user per month.” Steven Athwal, Managing Director/Founder at TBPS.

“Long-distance calls are treated similarly to local calls, which is one of the ways VoIP saves businesses money. Many current VoIP providers allow unlimited local calls—as long as you use a locally based business phone number—rather than charging businesses for calls outside their area code.

Furthermore, most VoIP companies provide lower international calling rates than traditional telecommunications, allowing businesses to save even more money.” – Corey Tyner, Founder, BuyYoDirt

“The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a sharp decline in our revenues and increased operational costs. To overcome these problems, we decided to interact with prospects through cold calling and started focusing on improvement in our customer service. However, traditional phones were not only expensive but had limited options. Hence, we started using VoIP systems that allowed us to connect with multiple customers simultaneously and instantly resolve their queries at an affordable price. Unlike traditional phones, the total cost of ownership is very low with VoIP systems as you don’t need to purchase the whole system. Similarly, VoIP offers exclusive features like automatic call forwarding, voicemail to email, and 3-digit dialing. Businesses get enhanced functionality with VoIP systems and can communicate effectively across multiple locations.” Sara, US Title Loans.

If you’re looking to introduce a VoIP system into your business, get in touch with Conversation Piece today. With offices in both Cork & Limerick, Conversation Piece are the industry leaders when it comes to VoIP systems. If you’re operating on a hybrid model at the moment, check out our recent post on How to Enable a Hybrid Working Environment with Cloud VoIP Systems. Get in Contact with our Team today to organise a meeting or even set up a demo.



hotel phone system

When was the last time you made an outside call from a hotel phone system? It used to be a lucrative source of income for hotels but those days belong to another age. Everyone uses their own mobile phone now.


Residents still want the phone system to be there for them. They need it for room service, to enquire about breakfast times, or get the Wi-Fi code – and the rest. Hotel staff are still expected to have all the answers whenever guests need to reach them.

Far from seeing their phones as a declining source of revenue, enterprising hotels are exploiting them as a means of keeping residents on their premises for longer. Attractive screens, informative menus and service drop-downs may persuade a resident to try the hotel facilities rather than venturing out.

Which system provides the best experience for the customer – and the hotel?


Hotels are keenly aware of how their telephony can vastly influence the customer experience.

Many are now ditching their outdated PBX legacy networks for faster, flexible, cloud-based systems. Cloud telephony presents hospitality managers with new opportunities to enhance customer service, improve operating efficiency and reduce telephony costs. VoIP phone systems do away with cables and cabinets for a more streamlined service in every sense.

The cost savings on cloud systems are so great that any standard of hotel can upgrade to a Five-Star phone platform for an Economy rate.


Choosing a new hotel phone system will depend on a number of factors.

Obvious ones include how many users you have and how many calls you expect to make. You will also need to consider future growth plans, and whether there’s an extra charge for adding or removing users.

If you have been used to paying high maintenance charges then these will be less of an issue. Cloud-based systems do not require the same level of support as traditional exchange-based options. It’s much cheaper to fix an issue remotely than having to send out an engineer.

How long will it take to train staff on the new system? Again, be pleasantly surprised. Unlike the old days, you won’t need to book the seminar room for a month to get everyone on board. VoIP phone systems are easy to use and light years ahead as far as training is concerned. Intuitive computer interfaces and self-teach online modules make e-learning instantly accessible to all.


There is one big question you will need to ask of your phone provider. Will the new phone system work with the hotel’s existing Property Management System (PMS)? If not, move on. No hotel will want to change its PMS to accommodate a new phone platform.

Handling everything from reservations and billing to guest services, the PMS is to a great extent the nerve centre of any hotel.  From it, a hotel can manage its entire operations – cleaning, room service, special requests, card charges and more. It seems only right that the phone system should fit the PMS, not the other way round.

The best phone systems for hotels should integrate seamlessly with the PMS. In the past that might have meant finding complex bridging solutions to provide a wired link to the telephone cable box on the premises. How things are changing. With the emergence of software-based phone solutions, connecting a PMS with a new cloud telephony PBX is simple. Often it means no more than uploading a programme onto a PC. You don’t even need to host the system on-site anymore either. Your telecoms provider will be more than willing to offer a hosted phone solution.

And the most advanced software phone solutions will do most of the work for you anyway.


hotel phone system

Among the most innovative phone solutions, one that really seems to have done its homework on the hospitality sector is 3CX. Supporting a wide range of hotel software systems puts 3CX above most rivals. An ever-growing list of compatible partners currently includes InnQuest RoomMaster 2000, Protel, Brilliant Hotelsoftware and Micros-Fidelio.

As a partner for 3CX Conversation Piece can help hotels of any size to configure 3CX. Right now the 3CX Hotel Module can integrate with your PMS system in one of two ways:


Leading hotel groups are discovering how 3CX enables them to add that personal touch to create a better customer experience.

The Hotel Module within the 3CX Phone System displays the guest name on reception, room service and management phones. Staff can download a softphone app onto a mobile device, so they can go about their daily tasks but remain available if guests need to reach them. As hotels have to respond to the pandemic, then other options, which limit contact, are also being explored. Through 3CX, hoteliers can set up Direct-to-room billing, plus Phone check-in/check-out.

Housekeeping teams can relay a guest’s room status through their phones. Guests themselves can set wake-up calls and Do Not Disturb directly from their phone, automating a process that otherwise eats up valuable seconds for staff.

Expert Advice From Conversation Piece

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Live Chat Through your Phone System – From Live Chat to Live Call

Live Chat Through your Phone System – From Live Chat to Live Call

live chat through your phone system

There are many Live Chat platforms available but how many integrate with your phone system and come at no extra cost.

Live chat software is a means to offer effective and real-time service and communication online. It allows website users to get immediate information, support, or help via a chat window. The visitor types the message, the business ‘agent’ types back.

How Does It Work?

Live chat can be put to work by installing a website plug-in and adopting a chat bubble or widget on the side of the screen. Users can then click it to start a conversation. Different platforms operate in different ways, so we cannot cover how they all work. However, 3CX Live chat is easy to deploy and can be used as a standalone system where agents have to log into the website’s “back-end” to work through their messages. Or, it can be linked with a 3CX phone system allowing all messages to be easily managed within the web client, desktop application, or even via the iOS and Android mobile clients.

Installation –

3CX Live Chat is a plug-in that is available to easily install on popular platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Wix & Weebly. Once downloaded and installed, the plugin’s configuration options allow for a vast array of customization features and tools. If your website is not running on any of those platforms, then you can use a handy wizard to generate the code that needs to be embedded into the site for easy installation.

How Does It Work For Agents?

Receiving –

Once a visitor starts a conversation, all agents who are members of the queue assigned to deal with chat messages will see the notification pop up in the chat window of whichever client they are using. Any agent can respond and see the ongoing conversation until one takes ownership by using the “Take” button. This person will now be the sole owner of the conversation, so other agents no longer have access to it.

Transferring –

If a customer question or support request is beyond the knowledge base or expertise of the agent, the chat can be transferred to another agent to resolve. This can be done by clicking “Transfer” and selecting which agent the chat should be moved to. Once a chat is moved, the new agent will still see the previous chat history so that the customer doesn’t need to explain things again.

Resolving –

If a customer becomes unresponsive or the chat needs to be kept for future reference, the conversation can be marked and archived.

Let’s Get Chatty

Incorporating Live Chat into your website will offer visitors a communication channel so they don’t have to work things out on their own. It’s free, simple, and easy. When combined, 3CX phone system and 3CX Live Chat work effortlessly on creating contact centre functionality without the enormous costs.

Live Chat is being adopted by more businesses, no matter their size or sector. 3CX has developed a Live Chat solution to provide a simple way for a plugin to be added to any website irrespective of its platform/CMS.

Once the initial 3CX Live Chat extension has been set up and linked to a 3CX phone system (or indeed as a standalone software solution), there are many functions and customization options available. Depending on your preferences, you can choose:

  • On which pages the chat bubble is displayed
  • The initial information fields for visitors to fill out (e.g. Name only, email only, name and email or none)
  • Avatars & Logos
  • Styling of colours, including 3 template styles, in addition to a full-colour customization
  • Languages
  • Out of hours actions to ensure visitors know when agents are available or not.

Extras When Linked With A 3CX Phone System

From Live Chat to Live Call –

live chat

By integrating Live Chat with our phone system, website visitors can chat with agents in real-time and can switch to a live call or video call in a single click–with no dialling of phone numbers. That same agent can answer immediately from their extension via the 3CX Web Client, Windows Desktop App or mobile app ensuring smooth call flow.

incorporated into 3CX to provide agents with a single pane of glass to keep all customers up to date no matter how they choose to contact the business.

Facebook And SMS Integration –

Live Chat comes with all the functionalities and customization that users could ask for. 3CX services multiple channels of communication. Facebook messenger and business SMS can be incorporated into 3CX to provide agents with a single pane of glass to keep all customers up to date no matter how they choose to contact the business.

Additional Features:

  • Agent assigning & transferring: Chat messages can be delivered to a group of agents who can opt to ‘take’ a chat to deal with it. If the visitor needs more experienced assistance, the chat can be transferred to a different agent whilst retaining the previous chat transcript.
  • Chat reports: Included within Live Chat is the ability to run reports to determine how many chat sessions have been initiated, answered and abandoned. These reports can only be run when linked with a 3CX Phone system.
  • Sales or support: Visitors can select which department they want to contact before initiating the chat.
  • Google analytics integration: Admins can track and report website visitors’ interactions with the chat bubble and greeting message helping improve conversion rates.

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Improve Customer Experience with Automated IVR

Improve Customer Experience with Automated IVR

IVR System

Interactive Virtual Receptionist (IVR System) or Auto Attendant is a call menu tool for businesses of all sizes. This feature allows the caller to choose options via the dial pad on their phone or mobile device or voice recognition can also be set up with pre-set menus. An example would be welcome to Bloggs Ltd press 1 for sales, 2 for support etc. the menu options can be recorded internally or professionally recorded by voice artists based in Ireland.

The automation occurs after an option is selected and your customer will be transferred directly to an employee or department of their choice
“As per feedback HubSpot received, 39% of consumers prefer using phone support over any other customer service channel. Phones are used twice as much email and are the most popular support option compared to every other service medium”

Optimise Your IVR Call Menu

The options that your IVR system presents to callers are crucial and there are three points below that you should follow:

  • The number of options
  • The order in which options are presented
  • How the options are worded

Ideally, an IVR should include three or four menu options. Any more options on the menu and callers can get frustrated listening through all the options.

The options used most frequently should be first on the menu as this will improve your customers’ experience and get them to the team or team member they want to talk to.

Include Straightforward and Simple Messages

person wearing a headset using a laptop

The recorded messages that a caller hears through your IVR system should be short and to the point. You want to keep things clear and understandable through the script you provide to the voice-over artist or if you are recording in-house.

Maintaining clarity is particularly important for the first communication a caller hears when they call your business. Tell them whom they’ve called with a welcome message/greeting and what they need to do to navigate your menu.

Information Regarding Queue Position or Wait Time

Some phone systems will provide how long your customer is waiting to answer and what position they are in the queue. This information can be made available to your customer so they know how long they will be waiting to be answered and where they are in the queue, you may also have the option to offer them a call back where they leave their details in a message.

Make Your Sure Your IVR System Is Flexible

Your customer service strategy may change based on the variables impacting your team. For instance, your agents may only be on the clock at certain times or your hours may vary if it’s a holiday. Your IVR system, therefore, must be flexible and let callers know about any updates to your service.

If someone calls when your business isn’t operational, they need to hear different messages. Your IVR system should apologise for the inconvenience, then tell callers when your lines will be open and give them other options to find answers to their queries. That could mean directing them to a voicemail, email address or website.

Music on Hold

person on the phone in an office setting

Music on hold or information customers may find useful is essential to your IVR set-up, without it customers are waiting in silence. This can also be an advantage to your business as you can set up messages about upcoming events, sales or support information that will be useful.

Provide Tier 1 Support

An IVR can also be set up to recognise customers’ numbers or names, which will allow them to jump the queue or get answered within a certain time, these customers may have SLA agreements that have to be matched and the IRV will allow you to manage these customers more effectively.

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How To Enable a Hybrid Working Environment With a VoIP Phone System

How To Enable a Hybrid Working Environment With a VoIP Phone System

hybrid working

Flexibility in the workplace has become a key element for management and employees. Now “hybrid working” combines working from home and time in the office collaborating with colleagues and the correct business tools are essential for this work correctly. Using the right technology is the only way a hybrid working environment will be successful. VoIP Phone Systems and Unified Communications, apps like Softphones and Microsoft Teams will improve employee buy-in to this new way of working these tools will lead to increased productivity, business continuity and flexibility that will allow your business to thrive.

The best unified communication tools will increase productivity, not hinder it. These essential unified communications features are sure to improve your team’s performance and collaboration if they are based at home and or the office.

Audio & Video Conferencing

video call

When considering unified communications for your business, you need a powerful audio and web conferencing solution that integrates with your business and employees will use with ease, such as a Konftel conference phone.

Instant Message with Presence

Instant message is essential to a unified communications platform because it allows employees to communicate daily about projects, requests and live conversations while on calls or in meetings for an instant response.


soft phones

A softphone allows employees to work from anywhere home, office even on the road or travelling. Make any device your work phone through our softphone with all the features you would expect. Easily make and receive calls via the keypad on the screen, transfer and hold calls at the click of a button, view personal call log and history, your contacts list and listen to your voicemail with ease.

Screen Sharing & Drawing

Integrated secure video conferencing software transforms two-dimensional audio communication into an interactive, audiovisual experience that makes meetings more productive. Simply launch or schedule your WebMeeting session, invite the desired participants and click the screen share icon to get started chrome or safari web browser. This software allows you to share your desktop and other applications and is easy to use. Share documents and files, text chat and file transfer, and screen share with audio. It also includes a Whiteboard feature.

Global Phone Books

One phone book that the whole company has access to that makes keeping in contact with customers and suppliers easy with one touch to call or set up a meeting audio or video.

Analytics & Call Reporting


In-depth call reporting is essential for gaining real-time insights into your performance and customer needs. How long do your employees spend on a phone call? What’s the number of calls they make and receive? What is the overall performance of your call queues, SLA statistics, unanswered calls, abandoned calls – the list goes on. With the Advanced Call Reporting feature, you can utilize reports to make informed decisions about your business, optimize productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

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Modern Business Communication Systems: An Essential Tool for Success

Modern Business Communication Systems: An Essential Tool for Success

Effective communication is one of the keys to success for every business and modern business communication systems are designed with this in mind. The internet has opened a world of new modern business communication options such as VoIP Phone Systems and Cloud PBX telephony and a growing number of businesses are making the switch from analogue to cloud communication. In this post, we will take a closer look at how businesses can benefit from cloud communication systems and the different options that are available.

What Exactly are Business Communication Systems?

group of people using business communication systems

The term business communication systems cover a wide range of services and technologies that businesses use to facilitate internal and external communication. This includes analogue technologies like landlines, ADSL, and ISDN as well as modern business communication systems such as VoIP telephony, instant messaging platforms, and video conferencing tools.

The Importance of Upgrading Telecommunications Systems Regularly

Analogue telephone lines have been the mainstay of business communications for a long time, but analogue technology has now become outdated and expensive to install and maintain. In addition, when compared with VoIP telephony, analogue systems lack the functionality that modern businesses need. As VoIP systems become more affordable, more companies are deciding to make the switch to digital business communication systems.

The result is that analogue systems are slowly being phased out and replaced with cloud communications systems. As such, any business that wishes to keep up with its competitors will have to investigate modernising its communications infrastructure and switching to new communications technology such as VoIP and unified communications.

VoIP Explained in a Nutshell

business communication systems

VoIP Phone System

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that makes it possible to place telephone calls via the internet. VoIP technology converts audio into data packets that can be sent and received in a similar way to any other data. In contrast, analogue systems rely on sending audio from point A to B in the form of electrical impulses. There are several advantages to using VoIP as opposed analogue systems, including:

  • Lower Call Rates: VoIP calls are up to 70% cheaper than analogue calls.
  • Shared Infrastructure: VoIP telephony makes use of your existing internet connection which eliminates the need for separate data and telephone communications networks, resulting in lower costs.
  • Highly Flexible: VoIP telephony can adapt to the unique requirements of most businesses which is essential in today’s fast-changing business landscape.
  • Secure: VoIP telephony is very secure and reliable.

What Does a VoIP System Cost?

The exact costs related to switching to VoIP telephony are dependent on the size and nature of your business. In almost all cases both the upfront and monthly costs related to switching to VoIP telephony are lower than comparative analogue systems.

VoIP costs can be divided into two groups, namely start-up costs and running or monthly costs.

Equipment / Start-Up Costs

VoIP systems are available in two main varieties and the upfront costs differ based on the chosen model:

  • On-Site VoIP Telephony: This system requires an on-site server to manage calls which increases the upfront costs. In addition to this, it can be more labour intensive to deploy an on-site VoIP solution, and on-site phone systems do require regular monitoring and maintenance. Although the initial costs in this scenario are higher, you are in full control of your telephony infrastructure.
  • Cloud-Based VoIP Telephony: It is also possible to purchase VoIP telephony as a service. This option significantly reduces the upfront capital expenditure since no server is required to use the system. Cloud-based systems also tend to be more flexible and are quicker to deploy. In addition, maintenance of the server and VoIP infrastructure is the responsibility of the service provider which further reduces costs.

Both hosted and cloud-based VoIP systems don’t require end-user infrastructure such as handsets or headsets to work as there are softphones and mobiles apps available and the cost for this differs based on the number of devices needed. It is important to note that computers and VoIP phones can use the same network connection which significantly reduces the installation costs and future maintenance costs.

VoIP: A Flexible Solution for Modern Businesses

The business landscape can change very quickly, and it is important for businesses to adapt to changes as they happen. For example, the recent surge in remote working meant that businesses had to find creative ways to provide employees with the infrastructure to do their work outside of the office. VoIP systems enable employees to work remotely from anywhere with softphones and mobile apps,

One of the biggest advantages of using VoIP telephony is number or extension portability. This allows staff to change desks, offices, or even locations without needing to change their telephone extensions.

Unified Communications in Business

unified communications

Although the telephone and voice calls remain one of the most important forms of business communication, it is no longer the undisputed king of business communication systems. Instead, unified communications have become the preferred communication method for many modern enterprises.

What are Unified Communications?

Unified communications refer to all the different communications systems that companies use daily. Unified communications include:

  • Presence
  • E-mail
  • Voice
  • Video
  • Data
  • Mobile communications
  • Directory services

Unified communications facilitate more effective communication by creating harmony between the different modes of communication in a business. Furthermore, unified communication makes it possible for clients to communicate with your business in the way that best suits them which goes a long way to building long-lasting relationships with your clients. Unified communications can also help businesses to save costs by incorporating less expensive communication methods into the business.

Choosing the Best Business Communication System for Your Business

No two businesses are alike, and no two businesses have the exact same communication needs. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you analyse your communication needs to find the best solutions for your business. Consider the following when choosing your next business communication system:

  • Cost Savings: Saving costs and maximising profits are important in any business. By switching to VoIP telephony, you can enjoy significant savings on both equipment expenditure and monthly telephone services.
  • Adaptability: Make sure that you look for a futureproof business communication system that will be able to adapt and grow with your company.
  • Ease of use: A good business communication system should be simple and effective. Overly complicated systems can quickly end up being underused.
  • Integration: Unified communications is the future of business communication systems so make sure that the VoIP system you invest in can work alongside the rest of your ICT infrastructure.

Finding the right communications system for your business may sound like a challenge but it does not have to be. In many cases, it might be wise to partner with a well-established communication service provider that can offer guidance and assist you in choosing the right system for your needs.

In Conclusion

Business communication has come a long way since the introduction of the first telephone and modern business communications systems have made it easier than ever before for businesses to connect with customers and staff on a global level. Communication is a key part of the operations of every business and as such it is important for every business that wants to stay at the top of its game to continually invest in the best possible unified communications technology.


At Conversation Piece, we specialise in VoIP and unified communications technology and we combine this with a clear understanding of the communication needs of Irish businesses. We are proud to be the leading VoIP provider in Ireland. Call us today for expert advice on streamlining your business phone systems and communications. We will make sure that you remain at the forefront of technology.

GDPR Compliant Call Recording Solution

The Compliance Problem


An article in The Irish Times, dated January 22nd, 2020 stated that Irish companies are struggling to comply fully with GDPR. Some 62% of organisations stated that regulation placed an excessive administrative burden on them.

Failure to comply with regulatory requirements is liable to a maximum fine of €20 million or 4% of annual global turnover whichever is greater for infringements

GDPR applies to any business that collects stores and processes the personal data of individuals this includes call recordings. Notable companies have also endured GDPR data protection breaches fines during the last 2 years, including household names in the UK and EU.


Photo via Irish Times

The Solution


Retell and Conversation Piece have worked together to develop a compliant Call Recording Solution for cloud communications which offer the following safeguards.

  • Fully GDPR and MiFID compliant
  • Security – calls are recorded using AES 256 Encryption.
  • Disaster recovery – recordings are also stored off the platform.
  • Legal requirements – recordings can be stored for 5 years or longer if required.
  • Staff training- calls can be downloaded and replayed as required.

This practical application is available now, on the Conversation Piece platform, it ensures that companies are operating at 100% GDPR and MiFID compliance every business can benefit: Health, Legal, Financial Services, Insurance Industry and any organisation that have access to or holds confidential information as part of its business.


“Our relationship with Retell has now enabled us to offer cutting edge technology to our ever-expanding communication portfolio and we look forward to helping more companies reach compliance during 2021.”

James Dunne (Conversation Piece Managing Director)


The Outcome

The result is a fully operational and secure cloud communication platform that is 100% GDPR and MiFID compliant allowing clients who have regulations to consider having one less business challenge.

Users of the cloud communication platform are assured recording are compliant, encrypted and stored securely for as long as required. Access to these recordings if required is easily available.

“We have worked with Conversation Piece for many years delivering call recording and analytics services to their clients for premise-based solutions. We are delighted to continue this relationship into the cloud and with new and innovative solutions to follow in 2021”.

Mike Traynor (Retell Business Manager Ireland)


For further information on cloud or premise based compliant call recording for small, medium, or large organisations speak to Conversation Piece. We are Ireland leading provider of Office Phone Systems & VoIP Solutions

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Why is VoIP good for start-ups?

Why Is VoIP good for start-ups? Surprisingly, many entrepreneurs are still not familiar with VoIP technology so it is a good idea to define what exactly a VoIP Phone System entails. The acronym stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. VoIP is essentially software that converts the sound of your voice into data packets that can be sent across the internet to the receiver where the software decodes the data and converts it back into sound so that the receiver can hear your words.

why is VoIP good

The concept is very similar to the way in which analogue telephone systems function, except signals are sent in the form of data packets instead of electrical impulses. Interestingly, the original concept of VoIP services originated when software developers were looking for a way to communicate easier. Little did they know that this technology would become one of the most important productivity tools for modern businesses.

The development of VoIP technology

VoIP was originally developed with one simple goal: make communication easier and more affordable for  people. While the existing analogue telephony network was well established and reliable, it was expensive to use. Long-distance telephone calls were especially costly and VoIP providers were been put forward as a viable alternative to facilitate cheaper international communications.

However, at this point, VoIP was still very different from traditional telephone systems because it worked as software and required external peripherals to be used. After so many years of using the familiar analogue telephone systems, many were still asking why use VoIP for business? The answer lies in the development of the VoIP software.

Development of VoIP Software

In the ensuing years, VoIP phone systems have developed to become more like traditional analogue systems. Leading manufacturers have introduced telephones that look and function like analogue phones but use VoIP instead of a copper cable to facilitate communication.

VoIP for entrepreneurs

In addition to these systems, there are also several VoIP applications that can be installed on smartphones to make it possible to reach people on their “landlines” even when they are out of their office, which is an important resource for businesses to facilitate remote workers.

Replacing Analogue Telephones

Today’s VoIP technology has developed to replace traditional analogue systems and is definitely more cost-efficient. Cloud PBX phone systems have made it possible to completely replace switchboard infrastructure with a VoIP system that offers full functionality. An added advantage is their flexibility and ease of installation.

Since traditional analogue phone systems require their own dedicated connections to operate, the costs are often much higher. Using a VoIP telecommunications solutions, like those offered by Unify Phone Systems, allows both computers and telephones to use one single connection point, resulting in large reductions in infrastructure expense.

Why is VoIP good for start-ups?

VoIP offers several advantages for both small and large start-ups. The biggest advantage is the reduced operational costs associated with VoIP systems and this benefit is usually seen most clearly in the lower cost of international calls.

The initial installation cost for VoIP systems is also lower than those associated with a comparable analogue system, as is the maintenance costs. VoIP systems also offer greater flexibility for start-ups as they can be used with a variety of peripherals that range from a computer and headset to smartphones. Another important consideration is the ease with which VoIP systems can be expanded to accommodate the need for growing companies.

How is VoIP good for remote working?

VoIP systems enable businesses to easily connect employees to a cloud PBX system. This means that telephone extensions can be placed wherever there is an available internet connection without the need to install any additional equipment.

VoIP is good for remote working

In the age of remote working, this makes it possible for employers to allow employees to work remotely with minimal effort and  without incurring vast costs. Cloud PBX technology is especially useful for companies that rely heavily on telecommunications.

Is VoIP technology reliable?

It is essential to businesses that VoIP phone systems are reliable. The most important factor regarding your VoIP system being reliable is the quality of your internet connection. In order for businesses to experience a seamless VoIP experience, it is important to ensure that a reliable ISP is used and that the internet connection is fast and stable at all times.

Another question that pops up frequently is whether VoIP connections are safe and secure. VoIP is very safe but as is the case for all technology, it is important to take the necessary steps to secure your internet connection.

Do VoIP systems require maintenance?

Yes, VoIP systems do require maintenance. The level required is very low and since VoIP systems run via the internet, maintenance often means a simple software update needs to be installed. Maintenance can be done remotely from a centralised server, which is another factor in the reduced costs of a VoIP system.

Final Thoughts

When all the benefits and advantages of using a modern VoIP and cloud PBX system are taken into account, VoIP is definitely an excellent tool for start-ups of all sizes. The flexibility and cost savings offered by VoIP solutions are the main drivers behind the VoIP revolution and more companies are choosing to go digital daily.

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Why Use VoIP For Business?

Why use VoIP for business? Businesses can enjoy the convenience of VoIP and drastically lower costs by making the switch. Speaking over the telephone remains one of the best ways to create rapport with valued customers and clients. Moreover, despite the growing popularity of Chatbots, speaking with a real person is simply far more personal and valuable. 

VoIP business

Using VoIP For Remote Working 

The pandemic has drastically impacted how we carry out daily business operations as most employees have been forced to work from home. VoIP is the ideal solution to keep your workforce connected, wherever they are locatedVoIP enables businesses to assign soft phones or mobile apps to employees at home and provide them with the full range of features as though they were in the office. 

Boost Productivity 

With the ability to attach documents, files, conduct virtual meetings and conferences, IVR systems, and general multi-tasking capabilities with unified communications, all businesses stand to benefit from VoIP. Switching business communications to VoIP increases efficiency and saves time which can be better allocated to other parts of the organisation, thereby potentially increasing overall output and performance as a result. 

Cut Costs & Save Money 

Long-distance calling charges, international fees, and high price-per-minute rates of landline technology simply don’t have to be an issue for modern businesses. Competitively priced VoIP packages that operate over your internet connection essentially eliminate all these expensive features and allow users to communicate for far lower prices.

Reduced cost is a huge advantage of IP phone systems. Cost is a major factor for businesses, especially large enterprises handling high call volumes and dealing with international clientele. By choosing VoIP as your communication system, you can say goodbye to hefty phone bills. Generally, you can expect to save up to 70-80 per cent when switching from conventional telephone systems to VoIP software.

Superior Flexibility 

Perhaps the biggest advantage of internet telephony is its functionality and the flexibility to customise packages that are appropriate for your business conditions, rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. Specific features of VoIP include: 

  • Automated voicemail 
  • Voicemail to E-Mail 
  • Remote and Home Workers  
  • Audio and Video Conferencing  
  • Safe and secure VoIP calls for business 
  • Call analytics 
  • Unified Communications  

Our VoIP packages at Conversation Piece offer features that make business communications much easier and add flexibilityThe advantages of Voice over Internet Protocol, when it comes to features, simply cannot be matched by traditional landlines. 

Unparalleled Portability 

 All you need is an internet connection to access VoIP telephony. Amongst the benefits of VoIP, portability stands out as being extremely portable thanks to the widespread availability of high-speed internet in Ireland and abroad. Your workforce can handle call volumes whether they’re in the office or working from home (even if home is abroad).

Portability is an important factor for businesses with an increasingly large workforce going remote. No need to reassign telephone numbers to home addresses with VoIP; simply assign an existing business number in a matter of minutes. 

Easy to Install & Maintain 

VoIP Ireland

The advantage of internet telephony and VoIP is that your business premises and each individual telephone is no longer reliant on the old infrastructure of copper wires, but instead on an existing internet connection. This means that it’s relatively easy to have a secure, hosted PBX system and/or SIP trunk installed.

Furthermore, it’s just as simple to troubleshoot and maintain VoIP communications networks since the work can often be carried out remotely. If you’re wondering ‘why use VoIP for business’, the ease of installation and maintenance is a huge advantage for businesses.

This also translates to ease of setup for remote workers, since they’re no longer reliant on having new numbers assigned at home addresses, which can be a frustrating endeavour as well as confusing for clients. Easily transfer existing telephone numbers to remote workers and they will be able to respond to clients no matter their location. 

Companies that Use VoIP 

Since 2005, more VoIP lines have been installed worldwide than traditional landlines. By 2025 (and probably sooner), it is predicted that internet-based communications technology would largely supersede the old-fashioned ‘copper wires’ of conventional phone lines. So far, this has already come to pass.

As more and more companies adopt VoIP for business telephony and all-in-one communications, it is expected that it will eventually completely replace conventional lines and become the norm in Ireland and elsewhere. Since VoIP is scalable, it is suitable for every type of business, all the way from start-ups up to large corporations. 

Why Use VoIP for Business?  

Easy scalability is another reason to use VoIP for your business. The scalability of VoIP solutions means your business operations grow, adding new phone lines and updating existing systems is easy and simple. Since VoIP can handle multiple calls simultaneously, there’s no need to adjust infrastructure and IT asset requirements aside from perhaps purchasing a few new handsets.

Conversation Piece offers comprehensive VoIP telephony packages at competitive prices.  

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IP Phone Solutions for Small Business

IP Phone Solutions for Small Business

Are you looking at upgrading your Phone System and considering moving to IP Phone Solutions for small business? Does your current phone system have any features apart from call handling and other basic features like Hold, Transfer etc.?

You may not have asked yourself this question, when looking at replacing your phone system but there is a lot more to consider with the availability of IP and VoIP Phone System Solutions even if you’re just looking to update your desk phones. Costs and reliability are probably first and foremost in your mind and we will discuss the advantages and features below of moving to an IP Phone Solution for Small Business as well the cost savings on calls and line rental.

These phone systems will enable unified communications (UC) features, such as conferencing, voicemail to email, softphones and mobile apps which enable you to work remotely from anywhere once you have your mobile phone or Laptop and many more features that will benefit your business.

Why get IP Phone Solutions for small business?

Business IP Phone systems offer HD voice calls, audio conferencing, scale up as your business grows, voicemail to email, auto-attendant, call analytics and other features and functionality your business needs to keep up with larger enterprise competitors.

IP Phone System Solutions enable you to deploy SIP Trunks or VoIP which allows you place your calls over an internet connection. This connection can be shared with your IT or we can supply a dedicated connection for your IP Phone System. This allows you cancel down your expensive ISDN or PSTN line rental while also reducing your call rate within Ireland and internationally saving you up to 70% on your phone bill.

How your business can benefit from a IP Phone Solution VoIP

Business IP systems are becoming the No 1 solution for smaller businesses. Choosing the best VoIP Provider for small business can go a long way towards making your company competitive. Conversation Piece uses the latest Cloud Technology from the enterprise sector at a price that SMEs can afford and use.

The advantages of an IP Phone Solution

There are a lot of advantages to moving to an IP based phone system and the top features and reasons to move today are listed today.

IP Phone Solution for small businesses



  • Expensive hardware setup & maintenance cost
  • Expensive call cost and line rental charges (especially international calls)
  • Inflexible (harder to accommodate extra lines and handsets for a growing business)
  • Most modern customer services solutions cannot be applied



  • Low initial setup and equipment cost
  • Much lower call costs as calls are made using VoIP and there is no need for expensive line rentals.
  • Very flexible (it is super easy to add or remove extra lines and phones)
  • Plenty of extra features that can be easily added (e.g. Voicemail to E-mail)


Cost benefits of IP Phone Solutions For Small Business

IP systems come at a lot lower cost than traditional Phone system set up. IP based systems eliminate the need to pay up-front for all the hardware including the box on the wall, cards etc and annual maintenance fees.  With an IP based phone system you pay per user and for your calls.


With IP phone solutions for small business, you do not need to be tied down to your mainline any longer. Your published telephone number can terminate calls in just about any location you choose on a softphone or mobile app. This means that you can work remotely without your clients knowing that their call has been routed digitally in a different way from usual. Your head office might be forced to close for some reason and, with VoIP, you can instantaneously send calls to a satellite office or to a team of home workers. Not only does this make working in Ireland more flexible but it also means that you can incorporate workers in locations around the world and start to offer services to your customers in every time zone.


If your business is expanding by leaps and bounds because of an increase in both customers and staff, upgrading is easy. If an employee reduces or increases, no complicated changes are required. There are no limitations to the number of calls that can be handled by a IP Phone System.  We simply update your software for you. If you wish to augment your phone systems with additional services and features, we can easily add these enhancements for you, with no interruptions.


IP Phone System are feature rich and will include Auto-attendant/IVR, Music on Hold, Voicemail to email, Mobile and Soft Phones for your remote workers and many more.

Be sure to give our team a call with any questions. We have a very experienced team and have been serving businesses across Ireland for 40 years with our telephony services. We are proud to be Ireland’s leading VoIP Phone System provider.

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