The Compliance Problem


An article in The Irish Times, dated January 22nd, 2020 stated that Irish companies are struggling to comply fully with GDPR. Some 62% of organisations stated that regulation placed an excessive administrative burden on them.

Failure to comply with regulatory requirements is liable to a maximum fine of €20 million or 4% of annual global turnover whichever is greater for infringements

GDPR applies to any business that collects stores and processes the personal data of individuals this includes call recordings. Notable companies have also endured GDPR data protection breaches fines during the last 2 years, including household names in the UK and EU.


Photo via Irish Times

The Solution


Retell and Conversation Piece have worked together to develop a compliant Call Recording Solution for cloud communications which offer the following safeguards.

  • Fully GDPR and MiFID compliant
  • Security – calls are recorded using AES 256 Encryption.
  • Disaster recovery – recordings are also stored off the platform.
  • Legal requirements – recordings can be stored for 5 years or longer if required.
  • Staff training- calls can be downloaded and replayed as required.

This practical application is available now, on the Conversation Piece platform, it ensures that companies are operating at 100% GDPR and MiFID compliance every business can benefit: Health, Legal, Financial Services, Insurance Industry and any organisation that have access to or holds confidential information as part of its business.


“Our relationship with Retell has now enabled us to offer cutting edge technology to our ever-expanding communication portfolio and we look forward to helping more companies reach compliance during 2021.”

James Dunne (Conversation Piece Managing Director)


The Outcome

The result is a fully operational and secure cloud communication platform that is 100% GDPR and MiFID compliant allowing clients who have regulations to consider having one less business challenge.

Users of the cloud communication platform are assured recording are compliant, encrypted and stored securely for as long as required. Access to these recordings if required is easily available.

“We have worked with Conversation Piece for many years delivering call recording and analytics services to their clients for premise-based solutions. We are delighted to continue this relationship into the cloud and with new and innovative solutions to follow in 2021”.

Mike Traynor (Retell Business Manager Ireland)


For further information on cloud or premise based compliant call recording for small, medium, or large organisations speak to Conversation Piece. We are Ireland leading provider of Office Phone Systems & VoIP Solutions

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