Cloud PBX Phone System

Save up to 70% on business call costs and phone maintenance.


  • Reduce call cost by up to 70%
  • Free calls between branches
  • Free installation and training
  • Remote and Home Workers
  • Call Analytics and Reporting
  • Auto-Attendant, Voicemail to Email
  • Plus many more features as standard

What is a Cloud PBX Phone System

Cloud PBX gives you access to all the standard PBX phone system features without the requirement for an expensive on-site equipment. Cloud PBX is sometimes called HOSTED PBX  or virtual PBX, meaning that all of the calls are made using VOIP TECHNOLOGY and managed by a VOIP PROVIDER.





We have offices in Dublin and Cork and offer Hosted PBX Systems for companies all over Ireland. We will bring all the features and benefits below directly to your office door, hassle free. Take the first step in massively reducing phone expenses by contacting us today. Our Hosted PBX System comes with a number of incredible features : 




Hosted PBS System Leinster

Voicemail for all users

Never miss a message.....

Hosted PBX System Munster

Voicemail to Email

Pick up your voicemails on your smartphone...

Hosted PBX System Connaught

IVR’s / Auto Attendant

Set up Customer greeting followed by a menu allowing customers to pick extensions.....

Cloud PBX

Hunt groups

Multiple phones may be configured to ring in sequential or parallel order or, a mix of both...

Cloud PBX System

Call forwarding

Forward calls automatically to several phone numbers...

Cloud PBX Service

Call Barring

Easily block outgoing or incoming calls based on call type and number...

Cloud PBX Limerick

Call Waiting

Get an alert when another call is waiting...

Call Transfers

Simply transfer a call to another with ease...

Reduce Phone Costs PBX System

Conference Room

3 Way conferencing from existing call...

Enhance Your Business with a Cloud PBX Phone System

As a company with decades of experience in telecommunications, we know what it takes to improve your business communication.

Problem: Through analysing their company, many business owners find they are spending too much money on phone systems that simply do not provide many benefits.

Solution: At Conversation Piece, we offer expert solutions to make communication within the company and with your customers easy…and cost effective!


We provide businesses with a cloud PBX phone system that completely revolutionises communication in organisations. Long gone are the days where a traditional private business network was seen as the best way of setting up a phone system for businesses. It is time to go CLOUD and our service will help to bring your company into the modern era of telecommunication.


  • Over 40 years of experience
  • Trading since 1978
  • Competitive Packages that suit every budget!
  • We understand the needs of small and medium-sized businesses better than any of our competitors. This is why we have created attractive packages that can be tailored to organisations of any size.
  • Family owned Irish company
  • Work with dedicated local telecommunication specialists from our offices in Dublin and Cork.
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • We help you improve your communication with customers, so we ensure we set a good example ourselves!



Work from home or anywhere else from your Laptop or Mobile Phone with the same functionality as being in the office

Take your business landline and functionality with you wherever you go


Standard PBX vs. Cloud PBX


  • Expensive hardware setup & maintenance cost
  • Expensive call cost and line rental charges (especially international calls)
  • Inflexible (harder to accommodate extra lines and handsets for a growing business)
  • Most modern customer services solutions cannot be applied


  • Low initial setup and equipment cost
  • Much lower call costs as calls are made using VoIP and there is no need for expensive line rentals.
  • Very flexible (it is super easy to add or remove extra lines and phones)
  • Plenty of extra features that can be easily added (e.g. Voicemail to E-mail)


Step out of the past and move into the future of telecommunications with our cloud phone system. This modern approach to communication will make life far easier for everyone in the business.


Calls can be made in an instant, with an impeccable connection.


Connecting to our cloud PBX means your phone calls are now all done via the internet. This result is your business no longer needs a phone network provider. Therefore, you do not have to keep paying line rental. This alone will result in a massive cost reduction.


 The cost of making calls is far less, particularly when they are international. Plenty of businesses have overseas clients or suppliers that require regular contact. A few phone calls from Ireland to the USA, Asia, or the rest of Europe can quickly contribute to an extortionate phone bill. With our service, this is a thing of the past! You will not have to think about sacrificing the most effective communication methods to save money. Our experts have calculated that you could save as much as 60% on call costs by setting up a cloud phone system.


The beauty of cloud-based phone solutions is that all calls made between phones on the same network are entirely free. This means you can set up multiple branches to connect to the same cloud PBX and experience free calls between offices. Again, this improves communication and collaboration in your business, without incurring any extra costs.


The savings keep adding up as you no longer have the annual maintenance fee that traditional phone systems require. Our system is not on your premises, it is in the cloud. Consequently, you never have to pay a technician to come out and provide routine maintenance on your system.


Most phone companies lure you in with a tempting business network offer, then hit you with high installation costs. We offer to install our cloud-based PBX for FREE. We will even provide FREE training to ensure your employees make the most of the new system.

What our Customers Say

Eric Conroy – INOU

We in the INOU are happy to recommend Conversation Piece for new phone systems. We upgraded our existing phone system and have been very pleased with it since. Our broadband and phones work seamlessly together and we have had no breakdowns in that time. Any issues or adjustments needed …

Mary Tynan – Practice Manager

Our practise and another moved into a green field site in Mullingar Primary Care.  We had a shared Panasonic telephone system using Voice over IP technology and were able to keep the costs of both practises separated and manageable.  We recently did a review of our services and costs with our account manager, Eoghan …

Breeda Clancy

“We upgraded to an IP Phone System with Conversation Piece and found the transition to be seamless. Conversation Piece also reviewed our phone bills and line rental reducing our monthly telecoms cost.

The engineers were very knowledgeable, accommodating and helpful…

Hosted PBX System Dublin

We have a team of trained engineers who will install your service free of charge.


Hosted PBX System Cork

Your solution is housed in a secure datacentre with a direct VPN connection not connecting directly over the internet.

Hosted PBX System Ireland

Our Cloud Phone System Allows you to connect multiple office locations include remoting users

Hosted PBX System Galway

With over 30 years experience in the telecoms sector, we only offer tried and tested solutions, proven to work for our customers

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