Why Is VoIP good for start-ups? Surprisingly, many entrepreneurs are still not familiar with VoIP technology so it is a good idea to define what exactly a VoIP Phone System entails. The acronym stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. VoIP is essentially software that converts the sound of your voice into data packets that can be sent across the internet to the receiver where the software decodes the data and converts it back into sound so that the receiver can hear your words.

why is VoIP good

The concept is very similar to the way in which analogue telephone systems function, except signals are sent in the form of data packets instead of electrical impulses. Interestingly, the original concept of VoIP services originated when software developers were looking for a way to communicate easier. Little did they know that this technology would become one of the most important productivity tools for modern businesses.

The development of VoIP technology

VoIP was originally developed with one simple goal: make communication easier and more affordable for  people. While the existing analogue telephony network was well established and reliable, it was expensive to use. Long-distance telephone calls were especially costly and VoIP providers were been put forward as a viable alternative to facilitate cheaper international communications.

However, at this point, VoIP was still very different from traditional telephone systems because it worked as software and required external peripherals to be used. After so many years of using the familiar analogue telephone systems, many were still asking why use VoIP for business? The answer lies in the development of the VoIP software.

Development of VoIP Software

In the ensuing years, VoIP phone systems have developed to become more like traditional analogue systems. Leading manufacturers have introduced telephones that look and function like analogue phones but use VoIP instead of a copper cable to facilitate communication.

VoIP for entrepreneurs

In addition to these systems, there are also several VoIP applications that can be installed on smartphones to make it possible to reach people on their “landlines” even when they are out of their office, which is an important resource for businesses to facilitate remote workers.

Replacing Analogue Telephones

Today’s VoIP technology has developed to replace traditional analogue systems and is definitely more cost-efficient. Cloud PBX phone systems have made it possible to completely replace switchboard infrastructure with a VoIP system that offers full functionality. An added advantage is their flexibility and ease of installation.

Since traditional analogue phone systems require their own dedicated connections to operate, the costs are often much higher. Using a VoIP telecommunications solutions, like those offered by Unify Phone Systems, allows both computers and telephones to use one single connection point, resulting in large reductions in infrastructure expense.

Why is VoIP good for start-ups?

VoIP offers several advantages for both small and large start-ups. The biggest advantage is the reduced operational costs associated with VoIP systems and this benefit is usually seen most clearly in the lower cost of international calls.

The initial installation cost for VoIP systems is also lower than those associated with a comparable analogue system, as is the maintenance costs. VoIP systems also offer greater flexibility for start-ups as they can be used with a variety of peripherals that range from a computer and headset to smartphones. Another important consideration is the ease with which VoIP systems can be expanded to accommodate the need for growing companies.

How is VoIP good for remote working?

VoIP systems enable businesses to easily connect employees to a cloud PBX system. This means that telephone extensions can be placed wherever there is an available internet connection without the need to install any additional equipment.

VoIP is good for remote working

In the age of remote working, this makes it possible for employers to allow employees to work remotely with minimal effort and  without incurring vast costs. Cloud PBX technology is especially useful for companies that rely heavily on telecommunications.

Is VoIP technology reliable?

It is essential to businesses that VoIP phone systems are reliable. The most important factor regarding your VoIP system being reliable is the quality of your internet connection. In order for businesses to experience a seamless VoIP experience, it is important to ensure that a reliable ISP is used and that the internet connection is fast and stable at all times.

Another question that pops up frequently is whether VoIP connections are safe and secure. VoIP is very safe but as is the case for all technology, it is important to take the necessary steps to secure your internet connection.

Do VoIP systems require maintenance?

Yes, VoIP systems do require maintenance. The level required is very low and since VoIP systems run via the internet, maintenance often means a simple software update needs to be installed. Maintenance can be done remotely from a centralised server, which is another factor in the reduced costs of a VoIP system.

Final Thoughts

When all the benefits and advantages of using a modern VoIP and cloud PBX system are taken into account, VoIP is definitely an excellent tool for start-ups of all sizes. The flexibility and cost savings offered by VoIP solutions are the main drivers behind the VoIP revolution and more companies are choosing to go digital daily.

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