advantages of cloud based phone systems

The Internet has transformed how businesses communicate internally and externally, all over the world. Indeed, more than 75 percent of all businesses have already migrated from their traditional phone systems to hosted services based in the Cloud. Cloud phone for business is, increasingly, the way to go for many firms.

Cloud phone services offer a vast array of high quality, voice and unified communications services for businesses of all sizes. With phone features that would have been unimaginable outside of the corporate sector as recently as 5 years ago, the Cloud is, increasingly, the place to be, especially for businesses in growth.

And, as can be seen from a glance over the following 10 advantages of choosing a hosted Cloud phone for business service, the reasons for making the switch to Cloud communications have become more attractive than ever.

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1. Cost Savings

Cloud phones offer business significant cost savings. It’s estimated that you can reduce your call costs by up to 60 percent! By moving to a hosted phone solution, based in the Cloud, businesses eliminate the need for costly on-site installations and regular maintenance. Charges are calculated on usage, hostage space and required bandwidth. Providers also offer set monthly fees per phone lines, while attractive features and upgrades are offered at low- to no cost.

2. Decreased Time to Value

Whether installing or adding new lines to a Cloud phone system, the cost-benefits to your business are swift. All that’s required is a call to your Cloud phone vendor. Implementation time for any decision—whether installing or expanding—is swift, and does require any on-site work by an IT professional. A hosted Cloud communications service enables you to execute decisions quickly and allows you to focus on the important work of growing your business.

3. Enhanced Security

Cloud phone for business service providers are required to operate to stringent ISO security standards. It is a myth to suggest that your business data security is compromised when you move beyond a local firewall onto the Cloud. If anything, security is enhanced.

4. Mobility

In today’s fast-moving business world, continuous two-way communications between the team members and headquarters, between headquarters and customers, and between personnel and customers, is important. A Cloud based system is particularly well suited to businesses with significant numbers of off-site and remote personnel.

5. Communications Unity

If your business operates along multiple locations and remote offices, a Cloud phone system underscores your brand integrity by ensuring unified phone services across all locations, with all users benefiting from the same features and from uniformity in call quality.

6. Fewer IT Headaches

Business IT is a layered, multifaceted world, and an increasingly busy one. The last thing that hard-pressed business IT departments need is to be charged with the maintenance of a traditional static phone system. By shifting to Cloud communications, your business benefits—and more cost-effective deployment of personnel is assured—by having the provider manage your system off-site.

7. Feature-Rich Communications

A Cloud based system provides a variety of united communications features such as voicemail, advanced email, and automatic attendants. They can also help you ensure call quality and reliability through features such as traffic features, while some providers even offer voice services in the Cloud but on privately managed networks, keeping your comms off the public Internet.

8. Flexibility

Like the cost benefits from Cloud phone for business due to the lack of on-site server hardware, flexibility is just as attractive an advantage. Hosted Cloud phones mean that your system benefits from the latest voice developments without hardware upgrades, while a Cloud service is also ideal for a business experiencing growth right now or projecting changes in the future.

9. Scalability

Small businesses aiming to scale, at whatever the rate of growth, need a phone system that can scale hand in hand with the company. Traditional fixed phone systems can be something of an albatross of a firm on the move, requiring upgrades or movement of bulky hardware. With a Cloud based system, you simply move the handsets and cables.

10. Emergency Support

Business phone systems need to be operational 24/7, whether as a customer service function, but also to receive new leads or inbound sales calls. When disaster strikes, a Cloud phone system provides peace of mind and minimises any potential loss of business, with reliable back-up at all times.