VoIP is one of the newest pieces of phone technology that is currently trending in the business world. An increasing number of companies are choosing to upgrade to this business communication system. However, you may be unsure about why this is and what all the ‘buzz’ surrounding this system is about.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology definition

voip phones for business

voip phone for sales teams

VoIP is not a single piece of hardware or software; the term refers to a range of different protocols. Typically, voice calls are transported via copper wires and have been done so for over a hundred years. Now that other areas of technology have developed and changed, voice calling has been left behind.

However, the introduction of VoIP phones has changed all of that by allowing phone calls to be routed over the internet instead of having to use dedicated lines.


The Voice Over Internet Protocol system is a modern update on old technology and can be highly beneficial for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The fact is that it can help every part of a business, from the sales team to the customer service department. The question is, of course, what can VoIP do for your business to make it a worthwhile investment?

5 Reasons your sales team should start using VoIP phone this year

1. It gives location independence

One of the largest issues with phones is that they are limited by their location – you cannot take your landline phone with you when you leave the office. If you are away from your desk, you may miss calls from potential customers and important business associates. Of course, a smartphone can help with this, by allowing customers to contact you while out and about, but the fact is that it can be hard for customers to know which phone to contact you on at which time. However, a VoIP phone system will get rid of all of that because users can make and receive calls anywhere. On the road, working overseas or in another country – all these are not an issue any longer as you can take the call via the internet using your phone connected to the VoIP system.


2. VoIP integrates with other systems

Then there is the fact that this technology integrates perfectly with various other technologies that your office most likely already has in place. For example, many teams use Customer Relationship Management (CRM), for example Salesforce software, which you can easily integrate with your VoIP system and share data between both systems. Calls to customers can be made directly from the Salesforce software via the internet, meaning it is much easier to manage sales calls then it is when making regular phone calls.


3.Plenty of modern call features that are easy to set up

Does your team regularly use conference calling but find the process stressful and tedious? Do not worry, because VoIP systems can help with that too. By making the features required for a conference call more accessible and easier to use it has become a handy business tool helping improve communication. As well as making conference calling simpler, your teams can get their voice calls and messages delivered straight into their inboxes, making sure that a customer is never forgotten.


4. VoIP is cost-effective

Another benefit of VoIP technology is the fact that it is also cost-effective and offers a reduced cost per call compared to regular telephone calls. This is because this technology does not fall under the same tariff guidelines and other traditional phones, then there is the fact that VoIP does not come with any interconnection charges, like normal phones do, which means that overall price per month of using these systems is much lower than using a traditional telephone system.


5. Flexible call management

Many companies have voicemails that are full of unreplied to messages because life in an office can often be hectic. However, as the new system allows users to pick up the phone anywhere that there is an internet connection, this is less of a worry. A voice over IP telephone system gives users the flexibility to choose when and where they pick up the phone and makes managing their time that little bit easier and less stressful.


Make 2018 your most successful year yet by switching to Voice Over IP system

These are five of the main reasons why the VoIP phone network could be highly beneficial for any business, including yours. While every business is different and has unique needs, there are some pieces of technology, just like the one described in this article, that have the potential to be hugely useful for all kinds of businesses, from smaller local companies to much larger global corporations.

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