Sarabec PL51 Telephone Handset Amplifier


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The Sarabec P51 telephone handset amplifier will benefit anyone who finds telephone caller’s voices quiet or muffled. The PL51 is discreet, stylish and easy to use. Simply connect the PL51 between the base unit and handset of your corded telephone for significantly enhanced sound quality. Callers voices can be amplified by up to 40 dB (100 times) with additional tone control of +/- 6 dB helping to improve clarity.

Adjust the volume and tone controls to your personal needs, making conversations loud and clear. Anyone can use the telephone with the PL51 connected, setting the PL51 to minimum returns the sound level to normal so there is no need to disconnect for other users.

The PL51 operates on 2 AA batteries (supplied) and through enhanced power management technology the batteries may last up to two years.