Interquartz 9281P Phone No Keypad RED


• 1-10 EEPROM memory
• No keypad
• Triple standard message waiting
• Ringer indicator light
• Ringer volume adjust
• Ringer pitch adjust
• Hearing aid compatible
• Wall-mountable

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The Interquartz 9281P Programmable Telephone is ideal for public areas and for use as an emergency telephone or for a taxi hotline.

This phone can be programmed with 1-10 EEPROM memories, making this telephone perfect for public places, and also quick to dial in an emergency. Users simply need to press the memory button(s) to dial the number they require. These numbers are permanently programmed onto the EEPROM chip, meaning that they can never be lost or tampered with. (The Interquartz 9281P Voyager Keypad Emulator is sold separately).

The Interquartz 9281P telephone does not feature a keypad, ensuring that no unauthorized calls are placed. It also offers triple standard message waiting (high voltage, reverse polarity and voltage drop) functionality, a ringer indicator light and an adjustable ringer volume and pitch. The 9281P telephone is additionally compatible with hearing aids.

The Interquartz 9281P is wall mountable, with no additional bracket or accessory required, and the telephone features printable overlay, for your own personalization.

This model comes in high-visibility red, ideal for attracting attention in emergencies.