Hosted PBX System

Streamline business communications with a Hosted PBX Phone System


  • Reduce Call Cost by up to 70%
  • Free Calls Between Branches
  • Free Installation and Training
  • Remote and Home Workers
  • Call Analytics and Reporting





We have offices in Dublin and Cork and offer Hosted PBX Systems for companies all over Ireland. We will bring all the features and benefits below directly to your office door, hassle free. Take the first step in massively reducing phone expenses by contacting us today. Our Hosted PBX System comes with a number of incredible features : 




Hosted PBS System Leinster

Voicemail for all users

Never miss a message.....

Hosted PBX System Munster

Voicemail to Email

Pick up your voicemails on your smartphone...

Hosted PBX System Connaught

IVR’s / Auto Attendant

Set up Customer greeting followed by a menu allowing customers to pick extensions.....

Cloud PBX

Hunt groups

Multiple phones may be configured to ring in sequential or parallel order or, a mix of both...

Cloud PBX System

Call forwarding

Forward calls automatically to several phone numbers...

Cloud PBX Service

Call Barring

Easily block outgoing or incoming calls based on call type and number...

Cloud PBX Limerick

Call Waiting

Get an alert when another call is waiting...

Call Transfers

Simply transfer a call to another with ease...

Reduce Phone Costs PBX System

Conference Room

3 Way conferencing from existing call...

Streamline your business Communication

At Conversation Piece, we know that all business begins with a conversation. All it takes is that one phone call to generate a lead that may then turn into a customer that potentially becomes a regular client. As such, your business needs to put a lot of focus into communication practices, and find new ways in which they can be improved.

Trusted Hosted PBX Providers based in Ireland

Conversation Piece was set up in 1978 (more than 40 years ago), so you can rest assured we are experts in business phone systems. We are proud to say we are among the very few companies that have led the way in the Irish telecommunications field. Conversation Piece is the ‘go to’ hosted PBX system provider trusted by hundreds of customers from all over Ireland. CONTACT US FOR A FREE QUOTE.

What Is A Business Hosted PBX System

The term PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, and it is essentially just another way of saying ‘private telephone network’. It is a network set up exclusively for businesses, meaning all lines are connected and share outgoing lines to make phone calls to clients and suppliers. Although we also offer a STANDARD PBX SERVICE, our hosted phone systems are currently the most popular among businesses in Ireland.

What does this mean to have hosted private branch exchange service in place? A traditional business phone network is a physical entity that has been set up on your premises. On the contrary, our small business hosted PBX service is not on your premises. It is a system set up at a hosting location, and we connect your business to it via a direct Internet network connection.

Benefits of a Hosted PBX System

  • You may assume that upgrading to a hosted pbx system is a minor change to your business practices. However, the upgrade can result in numerous benefits for your firm,that are both financial and practical. For starters, your company will no longer need to have a private phone line set up with a business phone network.
  • Our service is online, meaning you will save loads of money on line rental. In fact, you will never have to pay line rental again as you will not need to be signed up with a phone company. The savings you make on this alone can be quite substantial. The savings do not end there, as you save a lot on maintenance fees too.
  • A normal phone system will require an annual maintenance fee as the company checks wires and cables to ensure connections are in good condition and working. Our CLOUD PBX SERVICE is all tucked away at a separate location, meaning you have absolutely no maintenance fees whatsoever. Furthermore, on average our customers save up to 60% on call costs in their business after switching to our hosted pbx system. This is because the calls are made over the internet instead of an traditional phone lines.
  • Calls to other countries are unbelievably cheaper and can save you hundreds of Euros over the course of a year. Not to mention you get free calls between branches as well, which surely benefits businesses with multiple locations. Also, there is no installation fee.
  • We install everything for free and provide helpful advice to get you up to speed with your new hosted pbx system. You also do not have to deal with an on-site PBX, which can often be a burden for businesses. Telephone lines and cables can become damaged, leading to service issues that disrupt business performance. With a hosted PBX system from Conversation Piece, this is not a concern, and your business should experience fewer technical disruptions.
  • This service is also incredibly flexible, allowing you to connect multiple office locations all to the same PBX. This is how it’s possible for us to allow those free calls between branches. To add to this, you can even connect remote users to the hosted PBX system as well. So, if you have employees that work from home, they can be patched into the network too. All of this makes communication so much easier for everyone in your business. You’re all connected to one another, and this leads to increased collaboration, which can speed up productivity.

What our Customers Say

Stephen Tracey – Managing Director

“We installed high speed broadband for our IT Systems and a Cloud based Phone System. Conversation Piece looked after the installation of the Broadband and Cloud Phone System from start to finish without interruption to our daily

Sean Murphy – Operation Manager

“I would just like to take this opportunity to say how extremely happy we are with Conversations Piece. Your service and support has exceeded our expectations. We are so pleased with Conversation Pieces prompt, efficient and helpful  …

Alma Kelleher – Practice Manager

“ We have dealt with Conversation Piece for a number of years they have provided great customer support and I would recommend them to other practices. They have provided a telecoms service that is efficient and they are proactive in their recommendations for time and cost …

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We are highly recommended within the telecommunications industry, with a massive 40 years of experience that is impossible to beat by our competitors. We are in tune with all the latest technology and security measures to ensure we provide the best-hosted PBX service in Ireland.

All of our methods are tried and tested, meaning you can rest easy in the knowledge that you are investing in phone system solutions that work and are right for your company. If you own a small, medium or large size business that is looking to upgrade its communication network, then feel free to contact us today.

We have offices in Dublin and Cork and offer hosted PBX systems for companies all over Ireland. We will bring all the features and benefits mentioned above directly to your office door, hassle free. Take the first step in massively reducing phone expenses by contacting us today. We are unified communications company providing a full range of services for Irish businesses including IP Phone Solutions, VoIp, SIP Trunk and IVR Services.

You're In Good Company

Hosted PBX System Dublin

We have a team of trained engineers who will install your service free of charge.


Hosted PBX System Cork

Your solution is housed in a secure datacentre with a direct VPN connection not connecting directly over the internet.

Hosted PBX System Ireland

Our Cloud Phone System Allows you to connect multiple office locations include remoting users

Hosted PBX System Galway

With over 30 years experience in the telecoms sector, we only offer tried and tested solutions, proven to work for our customers