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Migration from traditional on-site PBXs to Hosted PBX for 180 users 


Ireland’s leading Motor Factors with 20 stores spread across the country and an extensive workforce servicing thousands of trade and retail customers. 


Daily a fleet of inter-store transport vehicles, and store to trade vans, deliver a nationwide service. So call in to your local Top Part store or pick up the phone and talk to your local store manager or any member of staff.


We are open 6 days a week for everything you need, especially friendly advice. 


  • Migration from traditional on-site PBXs across 20 locations

  • Porting of all numbers and DDI ranges, cancellation of ISDN, FRA PSTN lines

  • Installation of Hosted PBX for 180 users/extensions

  • Connecting all branches and employees on the same phone system

  • API Integration

  • Softphones and Mobile apps

  • Zero downtime 

Solution Spotlight



Hosted Telephony Licenses for 180 Users

Based on Avaya technology and hosted in Conversation Pieces secure data centre, the solution provides high-quality, high-availability voice services to all users.

Feature-Rich Technology

The solution delivers all the features you would expect from an enterprise-grade solution including voicemail, unified messaging, call recording, auto attendant and IVR and with Avayas commitment to software development, Top Parts are automatically upgraded to the latest version of the system. All employees are now connected on the same phone system which allows desk to desk dialling from all locations.

IP Desktop Phones

Robust, reliable IP desktop handsets for each user.

Mobile & Desk Soft Client

Remote working from anywhere.

SIP Trunks

SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) connections replaced traditional phone lines with all voice traffic running through Conversation Piece carrier-grade network via IP.

API Integration

Integration with CRM package for customer details and improved contact with customers and employees.


Fibre broadband provided for Voice and Data in all sites with pro-active monitoring and alerts on all connections.

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