Panasonic KX-TG6821 Dect Cordless Phone (with answer machine)


The KX-TG6821 comes with an answering machine.

It has 30 minutes of recording time and can be controlled using both the handset and/or the base!

Not only can the messages be played back through the base, but you can also externally access it.

The base has a message counter on it which displays how many new messages are waiting for you.

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The Panasonic KX-TG6821 is the brand new model in their line of home phones! Its sleek new design means that it won’t look out of place in a home or small office.

One big noticeable feature on this new handset is the Noise Reduction Function. This means that when you are on a call, if you happen to be in a noisy environment you can simply press a button and the KX-TG6821 handset will work to cut out background noise! This button is also located on the handset so you can walk around and not worry about being near to the base. Another reason why this model from Panasonic is great for the home is the large and simple buttons. Despite having the Noise Reduction button on the KX-TG6821, Panasonic has actually reduced the number of buttons on the handset from its previous model, the KX-TG6721. To further the simple functionality of this new model, the size of the buttons have been increased by 12%, making this KX-TG6821 one of the easiest phones to use on the market!

Not only have Panasonic improved the keypad for the KX-TG6821, but they have also improved the look and feel of both the handset and the base. The base is now 10% thinner than the previous model, without compromising the build quality and keeping the style to fit in with any environment. Another excellent new feature on the Panasonic KX-TG6821 is the cutting edge shared phonebook. On this new model you no longer need to update each handsets phonebook, as soon as you enter a new contact on the main phone, the other handsets will update straight away.