Konftel 55 including desktop adaptor (900102126)


  • OmniSound®
  • Microphone: Omnidirectional, 360゚
  • Reception Area: up to 12 people (30 m2)
  • Frequency range: 100–24000 Hz
  • Volume: 90 dB SPL 0.5 m
  • USB: Mini B connector
  • Headset: 3.5 mm phone plug
  • Up to 9 hr talk time

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The Konftel 55 is an easy-to-use, compact conference device with impressive, crystal-clear sound thanks to the patented audio technology OmniSound.

The Konftel 55 has been specially designed to be the hub of your communications and connects computers, mobile phones/tablets, and desktop phones. Whatever the communication tools, your meetings are conducted with superior sound quality. Moreover, VoIP calls can be bridged with calls via a desktop or mobile phone. Combine and switch connections easily on the LCD colour screen smart user interface that only displays the current connections. Call and the meeting are underway!

The Konftel 55 is highly portable and looks as good on the desktop and in the home office as in the conference room

The Konftel 900102126 desk phone adapter allows for the 55 or 55W models to connect to a host desk telephone.  The telephone provides the hard line connection and dialpad function.